BRAZEN Bubble #6 Room

There is always Room to grow, pick a card for some expansion guidance HERE

Brazen Bubbles are mini readings to help set you up for your week or give you some extra guidance if you are feeling a little off course.

Hit pause if at any time you need longer to connect and absorb. When you have received your message feel free to scroll to the end and find out about my personalised readings.

#Setday Sunday… I release cards every sunday at 4pm GMT to help you set your intention for the week and get valuable advice to help make it flow, Head over to Youtube and Hit Subscribe and click the notification bell to keep in the loop the very moment they go live.

BRAZEN Bubbles are designed to be eternal, as the catalogue of releases grow, use them for whatever questions you may have at any time pop back and intuitively find the answer to your question:

  1. Take a few deep breaths
  2. Select the video you are drawn to
  3. Then take more deep breaths And when the cards appear select the one you are immediately drawn to
  4. Scroll to the time stamp for your card and receive your message


Featured in This Video: Oracle cards: ‘True Colors’ & ‘Venus Rising’ decks:

Stickers From:

Music by: ‘Relaxing’ by

Photo by David Streit on Unsplash

THE GEAR I USE: The Mic I use –



Snapchat: @mindbodysparkle



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