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Pointing People in Powerful Directions circa 1978

My earliest memories are of laying in bed and contemplating the very nature of existence, “Is all this ‘real’ or just a figment of something else’s imagination.” At the tender age of 5/6 I am not sure those were the exact words going thru my head, but you get the gist.

Energy has always been at the forefront of my mind, during those evenings pondering the greater picture, I would often look at my body and be amused at the shape it was in… but more specifically it wasn’t the body that I was looking at, it was the shape of my energy/aura that I was admiring, being cast into the outline of a crazy splodge shape. (main trunk with a head, arms and legs shape sticking out of it aka human body)

For as long as I can remember, I has always talked about life in terms of energy, ‘really like her energy’ or ‘the energy didnt feel right’  As an intuitive empath, I have always had the ability to know things about people, without really knowing how or why. 

A naturally intuitive empath, Ive pick up on more than whats physically presented to me.

For as long as I can remember my awareness of energy and its vibrations has been there, I have a nature gift to be able to just sense vibrations and know where they are heading and how things will potentially play out if you continue as things are.

I just intuitively know things, and to this day still manage to spook myself out when my predictions come to fruition.

Usually quietly sitting in the background, observing and occasionally pointing people places… 2018 sees me going public,

Now is the time,

This is the hour

For many to benefit

From my crazy powers 

(For other fellow ‘The Craft’ fans out there… yes, I did just play with a magnificent quote )

SCRH simply brazen

To quote a friend at school ‘Sam the Oracle is always right’ 

I think I  may have over shared my gifts in my younger years, having no filter, and openly expressing my ‘observations’ freely, sometimes to a fairly negative reception… in my late twenties and 30s I pretty much reigned it in to the point of almost silence.

Now in my 40th year, I am all about balancing the expression of my intuition and empathy and providing a space for it to be available to those who choose to proactively benefit from my abilities and ask for advice and guidance.

This is a brand new journey for me, sticking myself out here authentically.  Sharing what I have learned over 40 years, this is my blog, it has some structure in the services it offers, but the content will just be channeled intuitively and presented to the world wide web with the intention that it will make a positive difference in the lives of those that it reaches.

If any of this speaks to ‘you’

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