BRAZEN Ethics & Policies

Please note by purchasing a reading, you agree that you’ve read and understand these guidelines.

I’m are honoured to be your guide, and look forward to reading for you.   I have multiple decks that I use, and will personally choose a deck that feels like it resonates with your energy and the message I am called to impart.

never use any type of electronic cards for your reading, every reading is personally channelled and written/recorded for you. 

If you choose to ask a specific question then  you should be the focus of your reading, although it could be possible that others may be mentioned throughout your reading. As an card reader, I consider it unethical for me to look into the heart and mind of a third party. All questions about someone else will be refused.

My readings use a coaching based approach and provide an energetic snapshot of your life at the moment of the reading, and it shows you possibilities based on your current vibe.

The readings are not predictive in nature, I may channel information from another source for guidance, but I firmly believe that your future is never set in stone and as a human being, your freewill is very powerful and there is always room to change.

ethics policies

Therefore, I hold NO responsible for any actions or events that may take place after your reading.

Your BRAZEN reading with me is spiritual in nature and is an expression of my universal gifts, and my desire to be a positive influence in your life. In no way should your reading with me be considered as financial, legal, or medical advice.  I am NOT qualified financial advisor, legal professions, or medical doctors.  Even if I have some experience in these arenas, my readings are always as a spiritual, metaphysical consultation.

All of the information shared throughout your reading is kept completely confidential, unless you confirm otherwise. I will never share any details from your purchased reading with others. However, you are free to share the information from your reading with whomever you choose.


You will receive a BRAZEN Quest within seven days of purchase, unless advised otherwise.

Your first BRAZEN bomb (or more) should appear within 30 days

By purchasing a BRAZEN reading, you affirm that you are 18 years of age or older.

If you fail to hear from me within these time frames, please contact me here

Due to the nature of a Card reading, all sales are final once your reading has been completed.


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