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Want answers to a specific question or area of life? This is for the person who wants to lead their conversation with the universe you have a clear idea about what you want to talk about. When you are on a quest you're a secret agent on a mission, highly focused and ready for action.  You desire the reading to be hard line focused on the area of life that you are dedicated to moving forward with.  You want answers and you mean business. Grab this reading and send me your question Your reading will appear within 7 days unless advised otherwise.



A Single Bomb! Pull the pin and set this reading in motion. Random Cards on a mission to serve your highest good. This reading is very organic, it will be channeled authentically, so when you need it the most… BOOM!… a message arrives.  #synchronicity I love the mystery of this reading, because they sometimes arrive in one big blast and other times it can fragment and you’ll get random bits arriving over time (one month). This is for someone who wants to leave things down to fate, to let the cards do the talking and send you advice or moments of cheerleading at a time that right for you as an individual. These emails vary in size and distribution but very often pack a powerful punch.




Six BRAZEN Bombs Perfectly timed messages over a six month period



12 Brazen Bombs Fill your year with inspiration and guidance, set the ball in motion now and experience the benefits for 12 months straight