Brazen Whispers

Pointing People in Powerful Directions circa 1978

A naturally intuitive empath, Samantha picks up on more than whats physically presented to her.

For as long as she can remember her awareness of energy and its vibrations has been there, she has a nature gift to be able to just sense vibrations and know where it is heading and how things will potentially play out.

Samantha intuitively knows things, and to this day still manages to spook herself out when her predictions come to fruition.

Usually quietly sitting in the background, observing and occasionally pointing people places… 2018 sees these gifts coming public,

Now is the time,

This is the hour

For many to benefit

From her crazy power 

(For other fellow ‘The Craft’ fans out there… yes, we did just adapt a magnificent quote )


To quote a friend from school ‘Sam the Oracle is always right’ 

She thinks she may have over shared her gifts in her younger years, having no filter, and openly expressing her ‘truth’ freely, had sometimes a fairly negative reception… her 30s saw her reign it in to the point of almost silence.

Now in her almost 40th year, Samantha is balancing the expression of her gift and providing a space for it to be available to those who choose to proactively benefit from her abilities and ask for her advice.


This is a brand new journey for Samantha, sticking herself out here authentically

‘boldly colouring outside her lines’

In 2017 Sam latched onto the word ‘Brazen’… it spoke to her on so many levels:


– living a life ‘you’ love, letting go of what others think of your life choices

Then breaking it down further:

it has ZEN in it!!!??!! #magnificent

A few key values this represents to warrant her excitement;

– Its all about intuition,

– living life intentionally simple, getting it back to the basic art of joy

– The power of ritual and so much more

and BRA!!!!… BRA!!!??!! #swoon

– She wears a bra, she is a woman… it speaks to her on a humorous physical and basic level

and then on the other hand, it is the beginning of


a metaphysical concept,  It is the pervasive, genderless, infinite, eternal truth and bliss which does not change, yet is the cause of all changes..

This concept truly considers ‘reality’…

this being an eternal exploration for Sam, she can see there is lots of expansion and growth to be had in investgating this ‘BRAZEN’ concept/word that she is so drawn to

(add to that, that Brahman, sounds like something a hippy surfer dude would say, is just pure gold for Sam)


If any of this speaks to ‘you’

If you’d like to come along for the ride

then sign up to her newsletter ‘Brazen Whispers’






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